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Cancer Rates Observed To Be On The Rise

Cancer is one of the most common health conditions that affects our entire country. There are many different types of cancer that exist however there are some that are more common than others. One of the most common types is lung cancer. The actual cause of this condition may vary but there is general consensus that smoking is the leading cause of such a health condition. When one is actually diagnosed with this their next step is to visit with their physician in order to determine the right way of trying to treat or control the condition. One of the methods that has been prescribed as of late by physicians is the use of a nebulizer. A nebulizer is a medical device that is used to deliver respiratory medication in vapor form for easy absorption by the body.
Nebulizer devices have been around for decades but as of late they have changed quite significantly. The modern nebulizer devices are completely portable and can be taken wherever that the person desires to go. So for example, if a person is suffering from a respiratory condition they can actually take their device with them while they are traveling in order to take their prescription medication in vapor form. Physicians have been recommending using such a device for lung cancer because of the fact that it allows for quick absorption by the body when it is breathed rather than ingested through a typical way of taking medication. The actual medication that should be taken or the treatments that should be administered with the use of the device really depends on the doctor who is helping the patient with their condition.
In either case, the use by the actual patient is not only painless but also very fast and effective. It only takes a few minutes until the prescription is ready to be taken via mist form. Time is a very important aspect because for many of the health conditions that are out there there does exist a lot of pain and rather severe symptoms. As a result, the ability to administer the medicine whereby it can go to work rather quickly is quite necessary and does in fact add to the overall treatment effectiveness. As the actual pharmaceuticals evolve and change in order to better treat those living with this health concern, the device can accommodate them all as in the end the ability to deliver them in mist form is very much in demand.

Who Cares For The Care Givers?

What a joy it is when another story of a "miracle" remission comes in. So much so that we could easily fall into the trap of forgetting about the cases where the outcome was not joyful and the patient died, usually after a long and protracted ordeal. Unfortunately, the number of these unfortunates dying each day of cancer in the US is roughfully the equivalent of the lives lost in one of the World Trade Center towers. This means that a multitude of loved ones are left to cope with grief and sorrow black as night. When the patient was still alive, he/she was the focus of attention for many. Not so the caregiver. After the flowers and the initial casseroles, it is amazing how quickly the world goes about it's way leaving the erstwhile caregiver to grieve alone.
Grief does not seem to enjoy the status of a reckognized disease and that is a pity for it can likewise be deadly. I know for I have been there. The joy of my conquest of deadly renal cell cancer was to be lost in the death of my wife to ovarian cancer. It was all over so fast. First the discovery, then the 2 weeks of anxious uncertainty followed by a medical mistake that killed her in four days. We lacked 6 months making it to our Golden Wedding anniversary. I found myself in the grip of forces far worse than any encountered in my own cancer fight. I had the worst portions of grief, anger and a primitive desire for revenge all trying their best to destroy me. I am not exaggerating when I say that the grief came nearer to killing me than the cancer ever did.
There have been many excellent works on grief. The best seem to be by those who have truly experienced it. I was recently intrigued by an old familiar Bible story. This may be found in the eighth chapter of the book of Luke starting with verse 26. It deals with Jesus experience with casting out devils from a man wildly possessed. This story captures the imagination and has been at the root of many best selling secular books and movies. Now I am going to tamper with this story with a flight of imagination that I can assure the reader is neither inspired nor intended to offend. I merely want you to follow me through an analogy that does not seem too far from the truth. We are told initially that this deranged man was living in the tombs. Now this seems odd behavior for any place and time. Could it be that the possesion is derived from unrequitted grief that has led to unbearable guilt? Grief is a natural and necessary human emotion. It has even been reported that tears of grief differ in content slightly from tears of joy, in that there are low level toxins released in grief. Grief can lead to a virtual shut down of the immune system, a loss of seratonin and ultimately clinical depression which can include erratic behavior and even suicide. Worse yet, guilt can set in without a rational cause. I expect that if guilt were removed from the human situation, the evil one would be unarmed! We do not know what burdens of guilt, doubt or loss of self esteem may have brought the demoniac of the story to that condition. Evidently he did see Jesus as a ray of hope and threw himself at his feet although at first unwilling to let go of the legion of demons troubling him. The best we are told that his neighbors could do for him was to bind him in chains. No indication of comfort anywhere in the story, much like the story of Job's "comforters". Could it be that a judgemental community had fed this poor chap's guilt feelings over the loss of a loved one to the point of driving him over the edge? Curiously enough, these same neighbors, instead of hailing Jesus for the miracle, demanded that he leave the country for they were taken with great fear. What was the basis for this fear? I should think that this should have been the occasion for great feasting and rejoicing. Perhaps the fear of further loss to the swine growers economy. Perhaps it went even deeper from a fear of being exposed for the way they had treated their poor grieving neighbor.
I can tell you for a fact that in my loneliness my self accusations of guilt multiplied to the point where I was very nearly a basket case. I was fortunate in getting proper medical help just in time. Others have not been so fortunate. If any of you reading this are presently in the throes of grief, I wish you would take heart and realize that there is a very real hope for a return to happiness. Although it took almost four years I eventually found happiness in a wonderful lady who had, like me, known this grief black as death. Life is wonderful for us and we now count our blessings as we rejoice in each new day. I would never have imagined that such an outcome was possible.
I discovered along the way that it was not necessary for me to get "over" my dear wife's untimely death. To do so would have meant giving up the treasured memories as well. No, it was only necessary to get "through" it and that we have both, thankfully and with God's help, done. I now have realized just what it means to have the love of two wonderful women in my life. Fortunately, a beneficent and all knowing God answered my prayers for death. The answer was "No", for He had something far better in mind for me. Although it was severely curtailed for a while, I found new meaning in my work with cancer patients that I would never have known had I pulled that trigger. It has been said that there are three "T's" necessary for dealing with grief. These are tears, time and talk. It is not only alright to cry, it is necessary. The passage of time, provided it is moving with purpose and direction is a great healer.
Talk, with the right persons, can do wonders. Along that line, talk can also be very destructive. I decided to yield to the suggestion that I attend a grief counselling session at local church. The leader ignored the obvious and greeted me with the question so typical of our times, "How are you doing?". This hit me as outrageous under the circumstance whereupon I said "If I were doing worth a damn do you think I would be here?". I turned and left and never came back. Whatever went with "It is so good to see you", "We are so glad you could join us" or just simply "Welcome to our little group". I hope I never hear "Don't you wish you could live it over so you could have done differently?". God alone knows how many time I have accused my self with that one. I must have thought of a thousand things that I could have done that would have changed the outcome. Worse yet is, "It was God's will that your loved one lay on a bed racked with pain and died a horrible death". I could no more believe that than I could believe that it was God's will that a drunk driver would crash into a van load of innocent children. God's ways are not our ways, God's thoughts are not our thoughts and God's mind is higher than our minds wrote the prophet Isaiah. If you will but look for those wonderful words of comfort contained in the scriptures, you will find a God far larger than you ever imagined and the peace of mind to help you through the worst of times.
To the grieving caregiver presently caught up in the throes of grief and self accusation, I send my best wishes for peace of mind. Do not waste your time dwelling on things you might have done differently. It is not likely that there was a single thing that you could have done differently to alter the outcome. Remember instead what a comfort it was to your love one just knowing you cared. If you want to lay blame, then lay it on a monstrous, son of a bitch of a disease that we all need to work together to vanquish from the face of the earth. The truth is, you never did anything all that wrong. I suggest you consider putting what you learned to good use. Make lemonade out of this lemon. You now have all the right qualifications. You will find a great need for you in the fight and it won't be far from your doorstep. You have no idea just what an angel of mercy you can be to a suffering neighbor, not next month or next year, but in the here and now.
I expect that God has a special reward stored up awaiting the caregivers and they won't have to wait until they die to start enjoying it. As to exactly who does care for the caregivers, why not let it be you? You have the very real prospect of losing your grief in the act of helping others deal with theirs.

The Sugar-Cancer Connection: Is It Real?

The United States is a nation with a sweet tooth -- and a big one at that. The average American adult eats 22 teaspoons of sugar a day; teens eat closer to 34. In all, this amounts to nearly 16 percent of average daily caloric intake, up significantly from the less than 11 percent sugars contributed to Americans' diets in the late 1970s.
The biggest sugar culprits, as you might suspect, are soft drinks and candy, followed by cakes, cookies, pies and fruit drinks. But even sweetened dairy products like yogurt and sweetened breads, such as cinnamon toast, are adding to Americans' heavy sugar load.
For health purposes, the American Heart Association recommends people cut way back on their sugar intake -- to six teaspoons a day for women and nine teaspoons for men. The sweetener has been linked to numerous health issues ranging from obesity and high blood pressure to increased triglycerides, a marker for heart disease. You've probably also heard the notion that "sugar feeds cancer"... and may be wondering whether or not this is true.
Does Sugar Feed Cancer?
The idea that sugar feeds cancer is often attributed to Otto Warburg, a German researcher who received the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his discovery that cancer cells have a different energy metabolism than healthy cells. Warburg believed that cancer cells originate from an "injuring of respiration," or lack of oxygen, that is replaced by fermentation. In other words, cancer cells learn to thrive by gleaning energy from the fermentation of glucose, or sugar.
Yet, the statement that sugar feeds cancer is often debated, since all cells, including healthy cells, use glucose to grow. It appears, however, that cancer cells do use sugar more efficiently, and in greater quantities, than healthy cells.
Don Ayer, Ph.D., a Huntsman Cancer Institute investigator and professor in the Department of Oncological Sciences at the University of Utah, told Science Daily: "It's been known since 1923 that tumor cells use a lot more glucose than normal cells. Our research helps show how this process takes place, and how it might be stopped to control tumor growth."
In studies conducted by Ayer and colleagues, it was found that both healthy and cancerous cells use glucose and glutamine (an amino acid) interdependently for growth. But by blocking the availability of glutamine, the entire cellular process "short circuits" and prevents glucose from doing its work, thus stopping the growth of tumor cells, according to the study.
Harvard Medical School researchers also supported Warburg's findings that growing tumor cells can crowd out the oxygen-carrying blood vessels needed for most cells to survive. In turn, some cancer cells learn to survive without oxygen, using the glycolytic pathway instead. When the Harvard researchers blocked one of the pathways' enzymes, LDHA, it essentially shut down the glycolytic process in breast cancer cells. Those cells, in turn, were far less deadly when implanted into animals than typical tumor cells, once again suggesting that the sugar-cancer link is real. In fact, many studies have looked into the link and revealed that there's a definite connection between sugar consumption and cancer:
  • Women who ate the most high-glycemic-load foods were close to three times more likely to develop colorectal cancer.
  • High blood sugar levels, caused by health conditions like diabetes along with eating too many sugary foods, have been linked to cancers of the pancreas, skin, uterus, urinary tract and breast. Further, women with the highest blood sugar levels were found to have a 26 percent higher risk of developing cancer than those with the lowest.
  • Women with the highest carbohydrate intake (62 percent of their diet or more) were more than twice as likely to develop breast cancer than those with a lower carb intake (52 percent or less).
Does the Type of Sugar Matter? Another recent study, this one by researchers from the University of California Los Angeles, found that a certain type of sugar -- fructose -- appears to feed cancer cells even more than glucose. The researchers "fed" both glucose and fructose to pancreatic cancer cells in lab dishes and found that although the cells thrived on glucose, they used fructose to divide and increase proliferation.
This may explain why past studies have linked fructose consumption with pancreatic cancer. The findings were so significant that the researchers suggested limiting the intake of refined fructose (found in soda and many other processed sweets) may disrupt cancer growth.
Should You Avoid Sugar to Lower Your Cancer Risk? Eliminating sugar from your diet is one strategy you can take to lower your cancer risk, but in most cases even limiting or moderating sugar will be an improvement. In light of recent research, you may want to start by limiting your consumption of fructose, such as high fructose corn syrup, first.
Even if you're not convinced of the research suggesting sugar is the "preferred" fuel for cancer cells, limiting sugar in your diet is important nonetheless. This is because sugar is a source of empty calories, one that can contribute to obesity as well as elevated insulin levels -- both of which can increase your cancer risk.
You should particularly avoid sugary foods in the morning, as a burst of refined sugar on an empty stomach will trigger a rapid rise in blood sugar, followed by a surge of insulin that will suppress your immune system and feed any abnormal cells, which are common in everyone's body. Still, remember that sugar is only one factor that may contribute to cancer.
From a dietary perspective, sugar should be only a minimum part of your diet, while nutrient-dense foods -- dark green leafy vegetables, deep orange vegetables, high-quality lean protein, healthy fats -- should be the focus. Of course, this doesn't mean you're not allowed to indulge your sweet tooth on occasion. As part of a healthy diet, a bit of sugar here and there is unlikely to cause any major problems. Just remember to regard sweets as treats, not staple foods, and be sure your meals are comprised of healthy, low-sugar foods most of the time.

A Little Prayer That Helped to Create Miracles

I'd like to tell a true story of how I believe prayer helps to create miracles.
This is truly for those who are in despair right now. And I only hope that somehow this helps.
I am so grateful to God for His help He has given to our family, I feel this story must be passed to others. God and the Doctors who used His gift of healing, they too have our thanks.
There are many people in this world who are suffering through the dreaded disease of cancer, I hope this gives them a little hope and help those who are suffering. What our John and family went through has to be past on to others, in order to let them know there is a God above.
We were never church goers, and still we don't attend, we do however give thanks every day for what God has given us.
My son of 36 fell ill with cancer. He is a redhead with a fair complexion. It all started as a mole on his back. When the Doctor saw the mole, he removed a particle and had it analyzed. He said he believed he had caught it in time.
Six months later John, my son, had pains in his back and visited a Chiropractor for treatment. Eventually the pain grew worse so it was decided he have an x-ray. Nothing was found and the pain continued. The Doctors decided to put a dye in his blood in order to see why he should be in so much pain. When a further x-ray was taken it found that one of his ribs was covered with cancer.
All of the those families who have gone through this know all about the feeling and despair this brings about. When John had an operation, it was found that not only was one rib infected, but the tissue between the ribs were the covered with the cancer. It was therefore decided they would take out three ribs, the original, one above and one below.
As I do marketing on the internet, I know a lot of people who have become friends over the years. These friends are spread all over the globe. I informed them of my John's plight.
One friend in particular, Bob and Judy Gill from New Zealand, were going to a gathering of friends where they were offering prayers. I know there were a lot more people there for this meeting. John and our family were so grateful to them for their prayers.
So many good people that day prayed for John, we certainly know with this help we were heard.
There were others in other parts of the world, I will not forget. I thank them also for their help and thoughts. We did not know at the time, but John was in worse trouble than we realized, and we thought he was in enough. For, when the Doctor removed his ribs and all the cancer he could, it was found that a lump of cancer was against his spinal cord and could not be removed.
The Doctors felt it would be impossible to remove without causing more damage. They felt that removing it while it was there would be too dangerous. They left it where it was and felt the chances of him surviving was not good at all.
John knew of this but did not tell the family. We knew nothing at all. He was so brave to keep it all to himself. An amazing thing happened, even the Doctors were amazed and had never heard of such a thing happening before. We have had so many discussions later but it really has never been answered. John's body repaired itself.
I know it sounds something from, well I have to say it was from God. The cancer just disappeared. As I said the Doctors could not get over it. The lump of cancer on his spine, one day when the Doctors gave him a cat scan, it just wasn't there. As you can imagine, there were many theories, the final analysis was that the mother cancer had been destroyed and the last piece just disintegrated. Our prayers had been answered.
John spent the next 18 months improving every day. He was just at the point of returning to work when he began to feel ill again. We prayed it was not the cancer returning, for we had been informed that it could return, due to the cancer had entered his blood and could show up anywhere in his body.
We had been told to prepare ourselves. I can remember many things that have happened over the years, but remembering the pain he was suffering while waiting in the emergency room will stay with me forever. To see your own son in agony as he was, and unable to help, is the worst feeling a person could have in this world.
Eventually, when we were able to see a Doctor, the Doctor was shocked when he saw him. For John was completely white, no color whatsoever. The Doctor said he had lost all his red corpuscles, he immediately arranged for a transfusion. John eventually had 8 transfusions.
He then went for a cat-scan to inspect his stomach, where the pain was. It was found John had 14 tumors in his intestines. 14!. It was late at night but the surgeon was called and they all met. It was decided there an then he was too far advanced they could do nothing. The family were told the news.
Well, I don't have to tell you how we felt. However, something that can only be called a another miracle, the Surgeon, came to John's bedside the next morning and informed him he was going to operate. He went on to say, John, I saw your crucifix around your neck and I went home and I talked to the man upstairs and he said I have to give you a chance. Can you believe this, God was once again helping John. They operated that morning, they found one tumor so large that was sure to have busted that very day. They however, found 6 of the tumors were in-operable.
Those 6 tumors were on blood vessels and it was impossible to remove them. Once again John was given the news and was expected not to live. When part of the intestines are cut away, they are joined by stitches. Well, in order to know if the operation has been a success, the patient, after time passes wind. This is how they know everything is fine. Usually this happens after 7 or 8 days. In the meantime the patent receives juice and water. After 10 days John had never passed anything, wind or anything.
The Surgeon came to his room to examine him. He pressed his stomach and the stitches broke and the water and juice he had been taking exploded from his stomach. The liquid, instead of passing into the jar he had attached, remained in his stomach. He was rushed back into the operating room and the cavity of his stomach was cleansed, due to the fear of infection. The surgeon repaired the break in his intestines, stitched him up once again, and started the wait for wind to be passed once again. Another 10 days elapsed, nothing happened, the Surgeons were once again worried. They eventually did another scan and found that the connection from his stomach to the intestines was blocked. The outlet had somehow scarred and there was no outlet. They, the surgeons had go in again and make a completely new connection from his stomach to his intestines. Apparently, where he was been opened was becoming very problematic. They felt this would be quite simple to do, however, their worry was the scar tissue, as the stomach had been opened so many times this would give them trouble. They were pleased to inform us that it was not easy to do, but the operation was successful.
John had gone through this over a 6 week period, and we began to realize the power of prayer. John was loved by everyone in the hospital for his strength. He was wonderful. I believe he knew everyone in the hospital, because he walked the corridors just about every day. The nurses gave him extra care, they were all so wonderful.
His family was with him for many hours every day, and worried about him when we were not there. Our family have always been close, and what happened that Xmas time we would never have imagined. John had been through something that no-one could ever imagine, our prayers were ever constant during this horrible time. God came through, because John was able eventually to pass the wind that was required.
The Surgeons said there was never any way they could have ever gone in there again. Now, John still had one big problem. The 6 tumors the Surgeons had to leave behind were still in there. During all this time John had been living with this tremendous ordeal, the problem, those 6 tumors were still there. 6 tumors on his blood vessels in his intestines.
Well, in accordance to all the books on cancer, the impossible happened. If you ever questioned if there was a God, this is the proof he is there to help those who believe.
John today, is as fit as anyone can be. John has his own business. He works hard in a busy job, he is happy with what he does, and he is so grateful with his escape from cancer.
Unknown the reason why, but his body once again removed those 6 tumors. Yes, John was saved again, I am sure for a reason.
He did however have another session of extreme pain and believe it or not another miracle. John started once again to have severe pain in his stomach. He again was rushed into hospital. When he was examined it was found that his colon was leaking. The dripping had caused two abscesses, and they attached themselves to the colon.
Remember, I was impossible to operate through his stomach. Fortunately, one of the abscesses was in the front of the colon, so the surgeon was able to make a small incision and remove it quite easily. However the other one was attached to the other side of the colon and was impossible to get at. Ask yourself, how could this happen again. The Surgeons were faced with a problem that they feared there was not an answer. They could not operate for the scar tissue was in a terrible state, but for some reason God came through again.
Putting this in writing like this seems to be inadequate, for the impossible happened. The abscesses that was behind the colon broke off from it's position and floated next to John's skin. It now became a simple matter for the Surgeon to make a small incision. Once again God had acted. I assure you the Surgeon was flabbergasted. Removal of those two abysses was a simple procedure.
John now is a volunteer, he talks to many who are suffering with cancer, and who are happy to have someone who knows. He also has taken over the Prostate Cancer group which meets every two weeks for general discussion. John has become very wise, how he endeavors to get the message across. He is happy now to do this, and gets a great kick out of the help he gives to those who need it.
He is now in recession and has been for 5 years, he still gets pain in his stomach but he is completely active and holds down an occupation.
He works hard each day. He owns a one ton truck and he is a courier for Greyhound and is very successful and happy. We, the Mortons, feel we have been given something that is priceless, and we cherish what we have learnt. We bless the day we asked the good Lord for help. Thank you God. Anyone who wishes to discuss this time we have endured, are welcome.
We have always felt, we would like to do something for the Cancer Society, John does his part and he is really appreciated. We however have thought it would be wonderful if we could come up with something.
In 1931 a Doctor received the Nobel Prize for discovering that cancer and other horrible illnesses could not establish themselves in an alkaline body, yet in an acidic body those same illness grow rampant.
If you ask your Doctor this question, he/her will say that is correct.
My question is now, why aren't we told of this, and why aren't we told how to get an alkaline body?
What I am going to say now, will upset a lot of people, but it needs to be said.
It is my belief that Doctors are nothing else but pill pushers, why do I believe this? Doctors should think of PREVENTION, not TREATMENT all the time.
We all can see what is going on in this world, huge fat people, illnesses that have never been around as they are now, yet Doctors still do the same thing, looking after treatment, and not prevention.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Asbestos Attorneys: Who Are They?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the name Asbestos is given to a number of naturally occurring, fibrous silicate minerals that are mined for use due to their thermal insulation, chemical and thermal stability and high tensile strength qualities. A lot of products commonly used today contain asbestos, for example, fire-proof, thermal insulation and other building materials. Some clothes are even made from this material because of its heat-resistant qualities.
However, as popular as this material is; Asbestos is a common cause of cancer. Scientific research of recent has revealed that it is a cancer-producing agent. It is therefore, because of unlawful exposure to this carcinogenic material that people need Asbestos Attorneys to help them investigate and ultimately defend them in the event of confirmation of disease due to this material in order to get properly compensated especially if it was due to no fault of theirs.
However, the major problem here is how to find these attorneys and how to also test their reliability and capability to successfully investigate, verify and if need be represent the victim in court. Getting it wrong at this stage may as well turn an honest claim for compensation into a no-trial, simply because it has not been well handled.
The first step a victim of disease emanating from inhalation of the dust from this material has to take is to verify the level of experience of the would-be attorney. The question here is 'does the asbestos attorney have any experience in this area?' 'Has he/she carried out any research, investigation into any case similar to this present one?
A lot of cases related to this issue has been lost and no compensation derived due largely to the inexperience of the lawyer(s) handling the case or investigation not been properly carried out or lack of proper and adequate evidence to back up the claims. So, before you step, make sure you have a team of reliable and well-tested lawyers to significantly increase your chance of winning.

Linking Asbestos and Cancer

The link between Asbestos and Cancer has been discovered since the late 1960's but it was not only until the past few years that it has become well publicized and the awareness creation scaled up to a very high level.
The name given to a large number of naturally occurring fibrous silicate minerals is Asbestos. It uses are numerous based on its range properties which include high tensile strength, acoustic insulation, thermal insulation, chemical and thermal stability. A lot of products used today contain asbestos especially in the building sector but not restricted to this sector.
Exposure to asbestos especially dusts or fibres containing it over a period of time can lead to cancer. The most common form developed through been exposed is known as Mesothelioma. Research over the years and the investigation of different case studies has made it clear that there is an obvious relationship between victims and exposure to the material. The sad issue here is that developing mesothelioma may also occur through secondary exposure, that is, in the household, family members coming in contact with work clothes and other items from work place.
Mesothelioma is a serious illness which is oftentimes mistaken for another respiratory condition and the wrong diagnosis leads to it becoming malignant and therefore fatal. It sometimes takes the malignant form as long as thirty years or more symptoms to appear after exposure meaning that often the condition is already at the later stages before been detected leading to a low survival rate of victims.
If you have worked in an asbestos related industry or any building site, insulation or thermal/fire-proofing material production company or you live with any such person, going for a medical check-up is the most appropriate line of action to take and the action must be taken now not later in the future.
Symptoms include breathing difficulties, chest constriction, cough, blood stained vomiting. The occurrence of any of these symptoms needs to be taken seriously and a doctor's attention is required immediately especially if the symptoms persists after 2 weeks.

What Are Asbestos Settlements?

Since bringing to the fore of the health hazard constituted by asbestos beginning in the late 1960's, there had been so many cases of asbestos settlements in the United States and in fact in the whole of the western world. Some cases has led to victims been compensated while in some cases the verdict was against the victims. And still in some case the verdicts had been challenged and later overturned.
Exposure to asbestos has been proved to be the primary cause of a vast number of deadly diseases and these include cancer. The material had been used frequently in building because of its thermal and insulation properties but has also be scientifically proven carcinogenic in nature which means long time exposure to it results in dire consequences for the victims.
Helping the victim of exposure related with money to cover medical expenses was the sole purpose of asbestos settlements. It is also meant to cater for incapacity benefit, that is, compensation for the loss of income over the years. However, over the years, there has been numerous allegations of it been turned into a full-fledged enterprise where the attorneys are the big winners since they get a part of the settlement fees as reward for fighting the different cases.
There is no specific formula for estimating the valuation of a settlement as there are a lot of factors to consider carefully before the final verdict and these could be very difficult since some of the factors are subjective rather than quantifiable. Questions like age when exposed? How long the exposure was for? What is the victim's potential earning capacity? Settlements worth billions have been given in asbestos lawsuits; settlements worth billions more are pending in various courts worldwide.
It is therefore, imperative to acquire the services of an experience team of attorneys who can perform the investigative stage perfectly and compile evidences in a compelling manner so as to help the court reach a verdict as quickly as possible. Without this aspect done correctly, you've got a no-case. So try to choose wisely and you and your family will smile in the end.